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 ECEn 360 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves

This page is dedicated to those student enrolled in Ec.En. 360 electromagnetics course. On this page you will find links for things such as homework assignments, course info, multimedia tutorials and more.

Current Semester.  This website contains the course syllabus, schedule, and other information for the current  semester. Previous Semesters.  Homework assignments, handouts, tests, course sylibus, course schedule, answers to homework problems and more for past semester offerings of ECEn 360.
Tutorials.  This is where you will find organized multimedia material for learning Maxwell's laws and Forms. Calculators.  This link will enable you to download the calculators required to complete some of the homework problems.
Publications.  Here you will find publications from the faculty and students of the department related to Ec.En. 360. Related Links.  These links are sites we thought would be interesting and possibly useful to the ECEn 360 student.

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