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Areas of Interest

Dr. Karl Warnick
(Assistant Professor)

Computational Electromagnetics, Linear Systems, Scattering, Numerical Methods

Dr. David Arnold (Associate Professor)

Electromagnetic wave theory and microwave remote sensing

Dr. David Long (Professor)

Microwave remote sensing, scatterometry, radar, signal processing, estimation theory, mesoscale atmospheric dynamics, and polar ice.

Dr. Richard H. Selfridge (Associate Professor)

Fiber-optic and electro-optic materials

Dr. Gayle Miner (Professor)

 Electromagnetics, antennas, microwave engineering

Dr. Mike Jensen (Associate Professor)

Antennas for Hand-Held Terminals Including Tissue Effect, Indoor and Urban Propagation Environments, Antenna Diversity for Wireless Communications, Finite-Difference Computational Electromagnetics for Antenna/Circuit Modeling, Fast Numerical Solution of Waves in Inhomogeneous Media